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    Computer systems analysis

    Providing computer software system analysis services. Gosuncn provides UBI solutions for automobile insurance companies in the field of auto aftermarket of ICV. Through in-depth analysis of data collected by terminals in the big data platforms, it constructs the UBI algorithm models such as driving behaviors and vehicle faults to make an accurate positioning of users and offer refined insurance product solutions for the insurance companies. Meanwhile, Gosuncn also provides collision detection, collision data records and the first notice of loss services, ensuring effective evidence is presented to the insurance during the claims process. Therefore, it can better prevent the occurrence of insurance fraud, reduce the overall cost of auto insurance. Its self-developed vehicle networking software helps insurance companies analyze users, select quality customers, and realize floating auto insurance premiums.


    Fast Claims: Achieve data comparison and analysis in the back-end system


    Remote Vehicle Insurance Estimation: Directly assess the damage and loss through data analysis and on-site images


    Services Upgrade: Conduct a care planning to remind or help car owners through data analysis


    Acquire data from vehicles, develop more value-added services such as push notification of short-term insurance, derivative services of financial products, etc.






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