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    Ma Huateng praised Jingdong (JD)’s “running chicken”: the price is high but reasonable.
    Gosuncn May 4,2018

    Yesterday, such a tipster rapidly fermented via something on moment, Wechat .

    Ma Huateng praised Jingdong (JD)’s “running chicken”: the price is high but reasonable.

    On March, 25th, 2018 China (Shenzhen) IT summit conference, Ma Huateng, the president of Tencent board of directors and CEO,  gave a keynote speech entitled “Digital China’s opportunity and exploration”

    In his speech, Ma Huateng illustrated consumption upgrade using “running chicken” defined by Liu Qiangdong. He said, “Normally, the chicken is grown and finished with the addition of medicines. But now we can see how many steps a running chicken daily run. The price is high but reasonable. It is called consumption upgrade.”

    What is “running chicken”?

    Early in May 2017, Liu Qiangdong published JD running chicken poverty alleviation project instruction in headlines, which Liu Qiangdong mentioned that JD’s running chickens must be ranched, and each chicken feet is supervised by a pedometer. Only the chickens who run more than one million steps will be paid more than one hundred Yuan by JD.

    Liu Qiangdong

    The founder of JD group

    ‘JD Running Chicken’-an innovation and poverty alleviation project introduction: JD Finance provides loans and approximately 100 young chickens to the national poverty-stricken households, but require them keep the chickens ranched and use a chicken foot ring for step supervision. JD promised to draw them who run more than one million steps back by three times the local price! Usually each of them can only sell for tens of dollars in the local markets. We purchase them by the price of more than one hundred, and certified slaughterhouses, and traced process! At present, the chicken with price of 169 yuan/chicken sales well. JD has a slight loss! This year only the JD Running Chicken Project can benefit tens of thousands of state-level poor households! This is all-win!

    JD Running Chicken can not only alleviate poverty but also guarantee the food safety.

    Poverty farmers buy 60-day age chicken and feed using interest-free loans, and each chicken is equipped with a low power consumption foot ring to monitor the number of movement steps in the process of ranched. The chickens with a slaughter cycle of about 160 days and body weight of 3 to 4 kilos and a cumulative number of more than 1 million steps will be paid three times the market price, compared with which, the market chicken’s slaughter cycle is not more than 45 days. In addition, running chickens enjoy three "snacks" of seasonal fruits and vegetables per week, and monitored by real-time cameras in each barn, and patrolled and nursed by several large white geese. Even, with the consideration that running chickens are all roosters, each barn is added with a certain proportion of hens, for the "welfare" of the roosters.

    The repurchased running chickens will be sold on JD's "e-commerce fresh" platform. The quality of each chicken sold online is guaranteed by Eco-farming and enough exercise steps and long enough growth cycles. Raising more than 5,000 running chickens can lift more than 50 households out of poverty.

    At present, 3 batches of running chickens have been bought out with a good rating of 97% since running chicken programme was launched one year ago.

    ZTE Welink escorts JD’s running chicken

    In JD’s running chicken project, each chicken is supervised the daily movement step by wearing a low power consumption foot ring built-in three-axis sensor, and calculated by ZTE self-owned simulated livelihood step algorithm, which becomes the key of the whole project and is called the low power consumption "running chicken" IOT solution of ZTE Welink. The programme is a closed loop consisted of 3 basic parts: data collection, system transmission, and monitoring management. The whole system adopts ultra-low power consumption multi-functional IOT sensing detection device to successfully provide ultra-high system capacity and meet the needs of high-density poultry breeding.

    Innovative running chicken solution to help realize the mode of a well-known e-commerce’s ‘rural e-commerce accurate poverty alleviation’.

    Programme- ZTE Welink provides the wireless monitoring system covering for chicken farm and realize the management.


    The programme can solve the industry pain points of livestock product monitoring and process tracing, can be directly extended to large poultry breeding enterprises, meets the requirements of national food supervision, and provides convincible guarantee and credibility for safer and more reliable food. The internet of things (IOT) solution of "running chicken" is an innovation of low power consumption technology and application, but also a contribution to society. The solution realizes the dynamic integration of IOT technology and accurate poverty alleviation in the application process.

    IOT of Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd., leads the technology frontier

    Driven by the national innovation-driven strategy and relevant industrial policies, China's IOT industry has achieved rapid development, and the relevant industrial chain is becoming more and more integrated and strengthened, and gradually become a new nation’s economic growth point.

    Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd tries to seize the historical opportunity, and is targeted as becoming the global leading smart city IOT products and services supplier, focuses on the IOT, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and uses the advanced self-owned technology to strive for occupying the commanding heights of the core industry of the IOT. We have more than 1000 patents, and accumulated industry leading priorities in NB-IOT, RFID, satellite calls, artificial intelligence, stereo prevention and control and other fields.

    Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd has been committing to customer oriented, insisting on creating the maximum value for customers and constantly innovating, improving product performance and quality, and building a better and safer smart city with IOT technology.

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