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    The Complete Success of the First Developer Technology Conference in Gosuncn Technology Group Co.,Ltd.
    Gosuncn May 4,2018

    With the building and the improvement of every business unit’s R&D departments, our group’s R&D system has formed a new pattern which, on the one hand, gives priority to the public technology and strategic products of the R&D platform and on the other hand, combines project application of business units with individual products. Based on our development strategy, “One Horizontal and Four Longitudinal Direction”, our R&D platform held the first Developer Technology Conference as a way to spread independently developed public technology to every business unit, enhancing R&D’s level and efficiency and integrating the core technologies and R&D experiences from different business units. What’s more, at the conference, the developers have known about the business units’ needs and discussed the mode of public technology’s cooperation and application.

    Photo/ Chairman of the Board, Liu Shuangguang

    Photo/ President, Hou Yuqing

    The opening ceremony of the conference was held in the headquarters of the Group on the morning of March 30, 2018. Chairman of the Board, Liu Shuangguang and President, Hou Yuqing attended this conference and gave speeches. Chairman Liu affirmed that technology was the root of Gosuncn and the base of higher goal. He also stressed that communication was very important to R&D and he said, “The more you share, the more progress you can make, or you’ll stop moving forward.” Present, Hou Yuqing said, “Our company gives priority to technology and product. So I hope that our business units can form dumbbell structure, that’s to say, we not only attach importance to market but also to technology and product, keeping our competitive advantage.” He emphasized communication and mutual improvement among business units. Wang Gang, vice present of R&D system and chairman, introduced the purpose of this conference, expressed his welcome to the participants from various R&D units and wished the conference a complete success.

    Photo/ vice president, Wang Gang

    The theme of this year’s Developer Technology Conference was“Technology Sharing • Fusion Symbiosis”. The conference was sponsored by the Group’s R&D platform and hosted by the Central Research Institute. Moreover, main forums and sub forums were opened in this conference to integrate R&D wisdom and create R&D vitality of high efficiency, innovation and stamina. R&D directors and skeleton staff of business units, more than 150 people, attended the conference. Based on the development strategy, “One Horizontal and Four Longitudinal Direction”, the conference talked about the application of core technologies, the cooperation and spread of public technology, driving to achieve technology sharing.

    The conference lasted for three days, with the theme of “technology sharing”, “platform symbiosis” and “management interaction”, providing developers with a feast of technology and product development.

    Three major points lead the conference theme

    Day1: Technology Sharing

    Photo/ Professor Lai Jianhuang of Sun Yat-sen University

    Three forums were opened on the first day of the conference to discuss three core plates including “the Application and Development of Public Technology Platform”, “the Technology and Application of Deep Learning”, and “the Technology and Application of Big Data”.

    As a special expert, Professor Lai Jianhuang from School of Data Science and Computer Science, Sun Yat-sen University gave his speech, “Some New Developments in the Reidentification of Pedestrians for Security Surveillance”.

    At the forum, “the Application and Development of Public Technology Platform”, Hong Shuguang, dean of Academia Sinica introduced in detail the application of public technology platforms and the release of portals, as well as the development of public applications such as GSUI, frameworks, and unified application platforms.

    At the forum, “the Technology and Applications of Deep Learning”, Mao Liang, associate dean of Academia Sinica, explained the latest results and applications of face recognition technology, vehicle identification technology, pedestrian recognition technology and video image analysis technology which were all based on deep learning.

    At the forum, “the Technology and Applications of Big Data”, Lao Dingxiong, associate dean of Academia Sinica, presented four technologies: Go Insight, Go Search, Go Cluster and Go Sphere based on the structure and practice of three systems: big data, cloud scheduling, and virtualization.

    Photo/ the sharing of the three deans of Academia Sinica

    Photo/ the communication and learning in the three forum

    Day2: Platform Symbiosis

    Three forums were opened on the second day of the conference including“AR Technology”, “the Technology of Video Surveillance and Data Sharing”and “IoT Technology”. Besides, in the three forums, three major product centers of Group R&D platform and related business units gave wonderful sharing.

    At the forum, “AR Technology”, Yu Xiang, technology director of AR Product Center, gave a comprehensive introduction to the video real map platform which took AR as the core technology, got supported by  geographical information technology and was based on video.

    At the forum, “the Technology of Video Surveillance and Data Sharing”, Li Wenhui, technology director of Public Security Product Center, introduced to everyone the overall development of the data monitoring platform, the integration solutions of platform, the second development of platform, and the concepts and features of data sharing and exchange product. Meanwhile, he discussed how to analyse usage scenario, conduct business and use technology.

    At the forum, “IoT Technology”, Qiu Chunsen, product director of IoT Products Center, minutely presented monitoring product technology, video access control technology, NB-IoT product technology and the results and application of IoT terminal technology.

    Photo/ the sharing of R&D’s three product lines

    In the afternoon, three more in-depth sub-forums were conducted. Especially at the sub-forum, “the Technology and Applications of IoT”, technology experts from many subsidiaries have brought wonderful sharing. Liu Rongfu, R&D director of Internet of Innovation company, gave his speech, “theApplication of IoT in Railway Industry”, while Wang Yonggang, technology chief engineer of IoT company, told the application of Wireless Communication Technology in IoT industry. Moreover, Wang Jinlong, technology expert of Internet of Wisdom company presented the application of the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) in IoT.

    Photo/ R&D director, Liu Furong

    Photo/ technology chief engineer, Wang Yonggang

    Photo/ technology expert, Wang Jinlong

    Photo/ the learning and discussion in sub-forums.

    Day3: Management Interaction

    The management interact forum consists of three parts: R&D management, product line management and the management of R&D quality system. At the forum, Wang Gang, vice president, shared his  management experience in R&D while Zhang Zebao, assistant general manager of IoT company, introduced his management experience in product line. What’s more, Gan Yong, director of R&D Quality System Center, gave his speech whose theme was the management of third-generation R&D quality system, sharing its main feature and design points. Finally, through the management interact forum, developers have got rich management experience, inspiring the future development and management of R&D units.

    Photo/ Wang Gang, vice president, was sharing his experience.

    Photo/ Zhang Zebao, assistant general manager, was sharing his experience.

    Photo/ Gan Yong, director of R&D Quality System Center, was sharing his experience.

    After two and a half days of concentrated learning and sharing, the participants said they have learned a lot. At the closing ceremony of the conference held on April 1st, the Group’s R&D platform awarded certificates to lecturers and trainees. At the closing ceremony of the conference, President Hou Yuqing once again emphasized the importance of technology communication and sharing, and put forward several mandates: 1. to pay attention to stimulate the passion of developers; 2. to keep the spirit of the craftsman and the pursuit of excellence; 3. to improve technical theory in combination with work practices 4. to hold a developer’s technology conference every year.

    Photo/ President Hou issued a certificate for the company’s lecturers.

    Photo/ Vice president Wang issued a certificate for the company’s trainees.

    Photo/ Conference group photo

    At this point, the first Developer Technology Conference achieved a complete success. After the closing of the conference, every business unit expressed their thanks and praise to the Group’s R&D platform. Luckily, through this grand event, the Group’s R&D system realized the first truly integrated sharing. In this conference, the Group’s R&D platform has presented R&D achievements focused on core technologies such as public platforms, big data, deep learning, and augmented reality to every business unit while subsidiaries have displayed many other wonderful contents such as the Radio Frequency Identification Technology, the technology of IoT and so on. As a platform, the Technology Conference provides opportunities for the interaction and integration of Group’s technology achievements.

    As the “One Horizontal” in the strategy, “One Horizontal and Four Longitudinal Direction”, the core technology including IoT and AI, with communicating and promoting, will offer confirm support and competitive strength to Group’s four business segments: public safety, traffic, communication and financial.

    This conference is supposed to be a milestone and a foundation stone of the integrated development of Group’s R&D system as a way to help Group to keep moving forward on the path of technology and innovation, achieving 10 billion goals as soon as possible!

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