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    Ma Huateng’s pick! High tech robot’s “C class emergence”
    Gosuncn June 5,2018

    Ma Huateng spent nearly a year digging several caves in Guizhou and officially opened a trial run today. The full name of this cave is Tencent Gui’an seven-star data center. It has realized three level cloud security protection of network, host and service, and applies artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition and security robot with multiple security guarantees.

    A security robot on a 24-hour patrol


    The robot at the entrance of the cave caused inexplicable excitement of netizens

    Chinese-English translation:


    What a naughty robot! It can go home by itself!


    I'm not interested in your data. Can I take a little robot home?


    Although he walked slowly, he was "fierce" and difficult to catch.


    Can this robot beat me???


    It has electricity. What do you have?


    Why doesn't this robot look like a penguin?


    Imagine a penguin’s patrol and walk...

    Next, it comes to an exciting moment to unveil the secrets of the high burgeoning robot!

    The "it" in the picture above is the high emerging patrol robot.It integrates technologies such as NB-IOT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data to integrate environmental perception, dynamic decision-making, behavior control and alarm devices.It has the ability to perceive, walk, protect and interact with others.

    Look, the robot is "changing shapes"

    The new robot's head is a little adorable in its binocular design, but in fact, it is so tech-savvy that a 20-fold zoom 4k HD camera with infrared thermal imaging technology make it a "flickering eye."

    At the same time, it adopts caterpillar design and it can walk freely in the wild, the Gobi desert and other bad road conditions. If the patrol is running out of power, it will go home to recharge itself.

    Moreover, it is not a “single person”, but from a large family.

    The "fly self" robot runs without hindrance

    Robots patrolling in the museum are also cute

    Have you ever met at Huacheng Square, Guangzhou province?

    If you have never met before at no. 2819 Development Avenue, Huangpu district, Guangzhou, the high-tech robot is waiting for your beautiful encounter!

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