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  • Mobile Tracking
  • Real-time tracking of bird migration
    Each winter, migratory birds migrating quarterly along the latitude will fly to the low latitude tropical zone to spend the winter; and in Spring, they start to fly northward to get back to their breeding place. To learn and master the characteristics of bird migration and birds' life more effectively, ornithologists need to track the migratory birds through...
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  • Tracking your children
    GPS positioning tracker GT-350 is a positioning tracker targeted at children and senior citizens based on WCDMA/GPS. GT-350 can realize excellent indoor and outdoor positioning performance through an independent GPS, assisted GPS and WiFi AP scanner. M2MNet plans to provide this product to the Ministry of Education (South Korea) for children's positioning an...
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  • Sobi builds a social bicycle environment
    Bicycle is an important transportation tool in busy cities. Riding bicycles not only eases urban traffic jam, but is good to health. Bicycle is a transportation tool greatly supported by US and European governments, therefore more and more public bicycle stations are put into construction one after another. The construction of public bicycle stations has bro...
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