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  • 6F, 2819 KaiChuang Blvd., Science Town, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China

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  • Development History
  • 2015-present
    Strategic transformation to seek a breakthrough
  • 2016
    Focus on public safety big data technology leader, and to large-scale cross-system data carriers, holding subsidiaries - the United States and the United States listed three new board; acquisition of Tianjin ZTE Zhaopin Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongxing Things Technology Co., Ltd .; continuous Won the Ningxiang, Qingyuan, Kashgar, Zhangye and other smart city PPP project, the total amount of more than 1.5 billion successful bid.
  • 2015
    Layout of large security, the acquisition of a joint state-run technology and science and technology, involving railway safety and data security; build smart city top design, the first proposed and "wisdom Beitun" project practice "Urban Data Bus"
  • 2014-2011
    Innovative development
  • 2014
    The establishment of "high-tech robot" to enter civilian security, force "Internet +"
  • 2013
    Construction of Guangdong's largest high-definition safe city - safe Jieyang two; building wisdom Guangzhou video surveillance system integration cooperation projects
  • 2012
    Changed its name to "High-tech Group Co., Ltd."; the establishment of three major divisions, focusing on safe city; building Guangdong's first high-definition safe city - Pingjiang Yangjiang III
  • 2011
    Acquisition of Chongqing, the United States, into the financial security industry, construction of Guizhou Skynet project
  • 2010-2007
    Sailing Endeavor
  • 2010
    The Internet of Things concept successfully listed in Shenzhen GEM, the stock code 300098
  • 2009
    New high-tech park
  • 2008
    Into the security industry, and start security platform research and development
  • 2007
    High-tech restructuring for the stock company
  • 2006-2002
    Keep pace with The Times
  • 2006
    Monitoring cloud platform widely used in 15 provincial monitoring centers across the country
  • 2005
    Base station monitoring products occupy the first place in the three major operators
  • 2004
    Promote employee stock ownership and grow with the company
  • 2003
    Base station monitoring and management system included in the national Torch Program
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